Q - How do I become involved?


Q - What is a Friends Group?

A - Friends are 501(c)(3) non-profit, community-led organizations established primarily to support and advocate for a specific park in the Washngton D.C. Park and Recreation (DPR) system. Friends groups advocate, fundraise, maintain and assist in the planning process for the park. They serve as a liaison to the city to provide feedback on neighborhood park issues and priorities.


Q - What does the Friends of Mitchell Park (FOMP) do ?

A - FOMP works in partnership with the DPR in the maintenance the Park that  plantings, trees, bushes and flowers FOMP activities include plantings of trees, herbs, bushes and flowers,  cleanup, weeding, and beautification. We also organize recreational activities for the neighborhood. Our keynote event is the annual Fun Day on the last Sunday of October where over 300 neighbors attend. Our summer films in the field series are held every 3rd Thursday of the month from June to September. FOMP also holds an annual Fundraising event, and all proceeds are used toward the maintenance and care of the park.


Q - How do I reserve the field or host a private event at the park ?


Q - How do I report a problem ?